Queries for Children


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  1. Do you think of God often during the day and try to understand what the Spirit says to you?
  2. Do you try to act, as Christ showed, so that there is no use for quarreling with other children? Do you forgive those who injure you by word and act? Are you careful to speak well of others? When your friends quarrel, do you try to help them feel friendly again?
  3. Do you try to be honest and truthful in what you say and do? Do you stand firm against acts that are sneaky and underhanded? Do you realize that we get the greatest enjoyment from the things for which we work, and that trying to get something for nothing seldom brings lasting happiness?
  4. Are you encouraging fair and honest games? Are you reading worthwhile books and getting acquainted with good music? When you go to entertainments, do you try to choose the good and avoid the bad?
  5. Knowing that God gave you your body and your spirit to dwell in, do you make the effort to keep your body strong and healthy by using moderation in all that you do and by avoiding those things which you know are harmful?
  6. Do you try to realize what it would be like to live as others do who are less comfortably cared for than you are, and do you try to make their lives happier?
  7. Do you go to your place of worship as regularly as you can, and do you make an effort to prepare your mind for helpful thoughts during worship? While there, do you try to find out what God wants you to be and do?
  8. Do you try to feel and show friendliness towards people of other races and nations, who like ourselves are children of God?
  9. Do you work hard to be cheerful, unselfish, and cooperative in your home, your school, and your playground, so that every day you can put into practice some of the lessons Christ taught?