Financial Support

As with any religious organization, Sandy Spring Meeting raises funds from members and those who worship regularly with Friends. These funds are to meet the responsibilities of the Meeting, to care for our 200-year-old meeting house and our graveyard, and for other activities as approved from time to time. Quakers are called to live a life of Integrity, a life of personal wholeness, consistency, honesty and fair dealing. We do not ask for tithes but instead expect each Friend to give as the Spirit leads. Financial support helps to put faith into action.

Donations can be made electronically by using the button above, which will exit this site and take you to our contribution page. The Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Finance Guidelines

The Meeting’s Manual of Procedures provides a basis for the good order of the Meeting. Consistent with the Manual of Procedures, we believe that the stewardship of our resources is a reflection of our faith and practice, and we recognize certain fiscal obligations to our members and the community.

To assist in the governance of the Meeting, we have set forth the operational policies and procedures by which the Meeting manages its financial affairs.  The Guidelines document good accounting practices in handling receipts and contributions; disbursements and purchases; investments; endowment and restricted funds; reconciliation of accounts; record retention; budgeting; and financial reports to the membership. The Guidelines are guided by the Manual of Procedures.

The Finance Guidelines of Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends were approved by the Meeting Dec. 4, 2016, and is openly available to all interested parties (click the link to open the document).