Meeting Committees


Committees accomplish much of the important work of the Meeting. Most committees meet at least once a month. Several meet more often (or only) to address special events or needs. Except as noted below, attendance at committee meetings by non-members is permitted.

Committees are encouraged, where appropriate, to interact with counterparts in Quarterly, Yearly and other Monthly Meetings, and to establish liaison relationships with Young Friends and/or Sandy Spring Friends School. Committees should maintain minutes of meetings and provide copies to the Clerk and Assistant Clerk of the Meeting.

The Manual of Procedures describes committee responsibilities and the overall operations of the Meeting.

Committee appointments are approved at Monthly Meeting for Business and are usually for one three-year term. New committee terms begin in May of the year appointed. Committee clerks and co-clerks are selected by their committees. At the discretion of a committee, a person may be elected to serve on a committee as a co-opted member.

For more information, contact the Nominating Committee by email at

Perhaps we view our participation in Quaker committees the way many of us view housework: it is not particularly fun, but it has to be done. And yet, what potential our committee hours together hold! We can get to know each other much better than we can at meeting on Sunday; we can be more relaxed and informal. In committee meetings there is time to make jokes and laugh, time to share. We can give and receive nurture and appreciation, and can inspire each other to develop a grand vision together. It is in our committees that we do the actual creative work of shaping the building blocks of our Meeting community, laying them in place, anchoring them together. What satisfaction to see the results of our work together.

— Marty Walton, The Meeting Community